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We are very grateful to our new sponsor Mr. Bertrand for sponsoring Basanta. Thank You so much.

We are now located at Bhandarkhal, Syanobharyang, Kathmandu (beside Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences)

Thank you all the sponsors for providing funds for the winter clothes.

   Volunteer at Sahara Organization Nepal (SON) located near to the Swoyambunath Temple (one of the prominent Buddhist sites in Nepal, which is commonly known as Monkey temple because lots of monkeys are seen there). You would have the amazing opportunity of starting the workday to the healing melody of Buddhist chanting from the heart of the temple. SON is a small children's home which provides refuge to just 12 children. As a volunteer you will help to create a warm community for the orphans through playing and working with the children. If you have a special talent you are encouraged to create your own programme or classes.If we wish to create a lasting peace we must begin with the children" - Mahatma Gandhi


Reasons to Volunteer

There are many reasons why people of all ages and countries decide to volunteer. For instance, most of the Buddhist people decide to volunteer because they are well aware of a wisdom called 'The-wheel-of-life' which says if we help the person who needs help then someday we would be helped by someone when we need help as everything in the universe is governed by the karmic cycle (kind deeds fetch kind deeds whereas evil deeds fetch evil deeds in a life). So they feel like doing something good for others.

Most volunteers just want to share their knowledge, time, skills, hobbies and experience. Sometimes volunteering is a way to spend a holiday, having a break from school, university or from permanent job. Some believe that volunteering experience will help them in their professional career. Whatever the reason, all are important! Volunteering opens doors to enhance cultural understanding, friendships, education with fun and of course gives the children a future. The most important is to ask yourself why you want to volunteer, what skills and experience you would like to share and what are your expectations and hopes. You need to decide how much time you have, where do you want to go, and what kind of volunteering is best for you.

If you are planning to come to Nepal just to volunteer or trek somewhere inside Nepal, you are warmly welcome in the tourists' junction Kathmandu, at Sahara Organization Nepal (SON)! Volunteering is not only the way to help others but it's also an opportunity gain a new perspective about life. You will go home rich with new experience, knowledge and friendships.

To enjoy your volunteering experience you should:
1. Be flexible.
2. Be sensitive to local cultural values and differences.
3. Be able to work both independently and with a team.
4. Have a good sense of humor.


A few words from Francesco Barro

I worked in sahara from October to November 2009. For myself, that was really good experience because I felt a simple atmosphere and I think this is your great strength. Children's life is really beautiful because they have a lot of affection from Mani, Shankar and everybody and I think they are lucky to have so good family.
Step by step everything could be building to have for them the best things to learn and improve their personality. And I think it is important to try to understand each of them in their own way. Which is their talent and speak with them to build together the future of them because they have their own ideas and thoughts and it is important to understand each children with own Name. The volunteer carries a lot of stimulus and this is important for the childrens to see these differences.
I think the most important thing for them it is to understand that they are lucky, they can explain themself without fear and that they are not different compare the other children with parents. When I was in sahara, we started to have meeting with another volenteer and Mani and i think this is good to speak and confront yourself with the other one. More important that the change it is the soul of changing.
I think new volunteers could understand these all things when they come to Sahara and a lot of people are more attractive to go in a little reality instead of working for a big company with a lot of children.I feel intimate in Sahara I keep with me everyday, sorry for my english.


Feedback from Jeromine

I spent my 2011 summer in Sahara Organization Nepal. When I prepared my travel to Nepal I did not know what I will experience …I was a little bit afraid because it is so far and so different from our continent, but in the same time I was so excited discovering the life in the orphanage and in Nepal. And it was an amazing experience: Full of discoveries and learning! I was lucky to live there with S.O.N family.
I meet twelve impressive children. It was so nice because I had enough time to meet each child and to know what they want to do in their future, what they like and what they think. These children are really mature, they work a lot every evening for school and I hope that they will reach their dreams because they deserve it a lot. For some of them, being nurse, engineer, doctor and also opening an orphanage as Mani did two years ago... Mani, Shankar and the other adults are really impressive they like what they do and provide to the children a great beautiful life… This orphanage is like a family, where all the children feel good...
I spent very nice moments with the children learning some Words in Nepali, listening the children singing and Shankar playing the guitar, playing football with them, helping them in their homework, learning Nepali dances with the girls and talking a lot with Mani and Shankar learning more about the life in Nepal and about them… So many simple moments I will keep with me for a long time...
Being a volunteer is a way to help the orphanage in the daily life bringing ideas, and meet a second family… It is so nice working in a small orphanage; I learnt so many things from this family. I hope to be able to come back one day... to meet again this great family.

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