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Volunteer's Frequently Asked Questions

Why pay to volunteer?

The Sahara Organization Nepal is a not for profit organisation run by local people. We strive to provide the children with the highest level of care, education, shelter and nutrition. Volunteering fees provide much needed funding to ensure the children have a safe and secure future. After covering the costs of your accommodation and food all remaining fees are used to support the children in our care.

Are visas included under the volunteer fees?

The Sahara Organization Nepal can not assist with visa applications. We recommend you apply for a visa at the Nepali embassy before leaving your country. If you do not have a direct access to the embassy then you can apply for a visa at the Kathmandu airport or at other entry points. Please note that citizens of some countries may not be eligible to do so.

Please visit the official government site for detailed information.

What kind of volunteer opportunities are available at Sahara Organization Nepal (SON)?

There are many ways you can help SON and we are open to all kinds of volunteering. But for the moment we have given emphasis on the following kind:

1. Childcare/Children     2. Community Development     3. Computer Training     4. Counseling     5. Culture     6. Curriculum Planning
7. English Teaching     8. Health Care     9. Indigenous Issues     10. Minority Groups     11. Music     12. Nutrition     13. Painting
14. Sports     15. Translation     16. Water and Sanitation     17. Child Psychological Training etc.

What age do I have to be to volunteer in the organization?

Individual volunteers must be at least 18 years old. However we accept groups or families with children less than 18 years of age.

Do I need to be able to speak in English for the volunteering?

We highly recommend you to have basic knowledge of either English or Nepali before starting to work in Nepal because our children are familiar with only these two languages.

What type of living arrangement do I get in the organization?

Dormitory system with hot/cold shower and free access to internet.

Do I need any sort of skill or experience to volunteer in the organization?

You do not need any specialist skills or experience to volunteer with us. A desire to get involved, enthusiasm and a love of children is beneficial. The more you put it to your placement the more enjoyable it will be for you and the children. If you do have skills you would like to utilize while at the home, such as construction, plumbing, teaching, cooking, sports, music or crafts, please let us know so that we can put yours skills to use.

Is any Credit Available for volunteering in the organization?

Yes, when you complete volunteering with us, we will provide you a thank you letter/certificate with honor.

What immunizations/vaccinations will I need to work in country like Nepal?

You should consider the following vaccinations, however, please consult you doctor/ local travel clinic for the latest recommendation regarding vaccines and Nepal.
  • Malaria
  • Rabies
  • Hepatitis A & B
  • Typhoid
  • Japanes encephalitis

What should I expect when I arrive at Kathmandu?

We understand arriving in a developing country can be overwhelming for some travelers and the airport at Kathmandu can be confronting. We advise you arrange your visa before arrival but for volunteers from some countries it is possible to get visa at the airport. There is a money exchange desk at the airport but you will find the rate is better outside. You may wish to change a small amount at the airport.

What is the climate like in Kathmandu?

The width of Nepal is only about 200 km on average, but within this short distance the altitude of the land rises from lowly 60m to all the way up to above 8000m. Hence the weather depends upon the altitude of the place in Nepal. However, in general Nepal has four climatic seasons:
Summer (20°C to 30°C / 68°F to 86°F) starts from March to May.
Monsoon lasts from June to August with exceptional pre-monsoon rains.
Autumn (20°C to 30°C / 68°F to 86°F) starts from September and ends by November.
Winter (15°C to 20°C / 59°F to 68°F) starts from December to February.

What kinds of activities are available around Kathmandu?

Kathmandu is an ideal setting for many different activities. Joining different institutions for yoga or meditation and to experience healing herbal massage, and Pilgrimage and cultural sightseeing are all within close proximity. Kathmandu is famous for its peaceful religious (especially Hinduism and Buddhism) sites and it's a junction for international tourists.

What is the best way for me to access money once there?

There are ATM's in Kathmandu. You can also exchange your money into rupees at a number of locations in Thamel, or cash traveler's checks at a bank. If you're in a pinch, there are Western Union facilities in Kathmandu. There is NO credit/debit card system here - leave your card at home.

How can I apply for the volunteering?

You can apply through the email address: or through the Application Form given in the website.

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