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Members of Sahara Family


   Puja is the newest and the youngest member of our small family. She was born in a remote village of Dailekh district of Nepal. After her mother passed away, her father remarried and settled in India leaving her and her one year old brother with her maternal grandparents. Her grandparents were financially not strong enough to take care of both the children and so Puja was living like a street child. With the help from a government child care organization SON was able to take her in and she has been a part of our family since 2014. She loves to dance and play badminton.


   In 2003 Chandra Maya Tamang was born in a poor family of a farmer in a village known as Piplang of Humla district which is one the most abandoned district of Nepal. After giving birth to two consecutive daughters, her mother passed away at the time of her last delivery to a son due to lack of proper medical care. She joined Sahara when she was six and before that she used to babysit her young brother and also work in the farms to meet the basic needs. Chandra Maya is very soft spoken child who loves to read and dance. She is currently studying in class 8 and after completing her high school, she wants pursue a career as an air hostage. She is always grateful to ms. Virgine for supporting her from the very beginning.



   Basanta was born as an illegitimate child in a small village in the District of Dailekh in 2004. His mother died when he was only one year old. His biological father and his stepmother abused him so he was living with his uncle where he had to herd the livestock and carry heavy water tanks. He was five years old when he joined our small family. Currently he is studying in class 8. He is the youngest one among the boys in our family and he likes to read books and he loves to play games. He likes all the subjects in the class and hasnít faced a difficult subject yet. When asked about his aim in life, he says that he wants to become a doctor so that he can help the needy people and spread awareness about the different kinds of diseases.


   Dabal is currently studying in class 9. He was born in a small village called Gumne-Khali in the Dailekh district. He grew up with his mother and stepfather. His real father disappeared in India during his mother's pregnancy. This left his mother with no other choice than to remarry because in Nepal single women are discriminated against. It is often the case that step parents don't accept their step children or mistreat them. This was also the case with Dabal. He was discriminated against by his step father. While his step siblings were able to go to school he had to look after the livestock. Then one of his relatives brought Dabal to our organization. From that day on he has been with us. In our small orphanage he is the clown of the group. He makes everybody laugh. When the group sings and dances he is one of our loudest singers.



   Kushum was born in in 2000 in a village called Yasam of Okhaldunga district. When both her parents passed away, she and her sister had to live with her uncle and aunt where she had to do all kinds of work so that she would not be a burden. When he heard this beautiful and talented girl, we invited her to join our small family and promised to provide her a good education. When she joined our family she 8 years old and she was the second girl join SON. She is not much into games but she loves to read story books and currently she is studying in class 10. After completing her high school she wishes to become a Nurse and provide a good health care to the poor and sick people of her village. Mr. Charles Giroire Revalier has been providing continuous support to help her realize her dreams.


   Kamala was born in 2001 in a village called Syanda in Humla district. Her father was handicapped (without one hand), which may be the reason that her mother left him along with three daughters for the sake of a city man. She has three younger sisters and grandfather in her family. She was lucky enough to spent the first 6 years of her life with her parents in her village but after the death of her father in 2008, she had to stay with her two cousins in Simikot (District headquarter). While her cousins were studying, her responsibility was to prepare meals, wash their clothes and herd the sheep. After learning of her reality, we felt that we could provide her a better shelter and education to secure her future and she has been a part of Sahara family since 2009. Kamala was one of the first girls to join our organization and currently she is studying in class 10. She is a child who has a keen interest in story reading and she also loves singing and dancing. After her school, she wants to study nursing and become a Nurse to help the poor people of her village.



   Preetika was born in 2002 in a village called Shital pari; a part of Jhapa district. Before joining our family at the age of 7, she and her sister had been living with their grandfather. She had to work on many different part-time jobs to bring food home. She is very gentle in nature. She speaks less but does more and she is a very quick learner but when it comes to math she struggles a little. She likes to dance and sing specially with her friend Chandra Maya. After completing her high school degree, she wants to pursue her career as a journalist and contribute in the development of her country.


   Laxman Poudel is from village of Gumne-Khali in Kusapani VDC of Dailekh district. Laxman's mother didn't care for him. His father is an alcoholic and consequently in no condition to look after his children. He used to beat his children. The mother remarried and now lives in a part of Nepal. During Laxman's first time in Kathmandu he worked as a waiter under bad conditions in a restaurant so he wasn't able to go to school regularly. Thus he had very little academic knowledge. But he has a strong will to learn and this is why he has progressed so fast. And now he is academically on the same level as his fellow pupils. He is currently studying in class 11. He is one of our oldest children, so the others respect him a lot. He is a very peaceful and helpful young boy who spends a lot of time with Yegya (another child from our orphanage). They always do their homework together.



   Yegya's parents are Hindus. He was born in a village called bhairikalikathum in the district of 'Dailekh'. He had been working in a small restaurant on the way to our organization. We could see him washing dishes outside the restaurant when we went out for work. Whenever we passed through the restaurant, he used to stare at us with eyes full of tears, as if he did not want to stay there any more or silently begging for our help. We accordingly accepted him into our organization even though at the moment we had blur knowledge about his family and their background. We have started tracing them and hopefully we will find it out soon. Yegye is the oldest child till the date. He speaks very less and understands more than others. He is our newest child. After only a short time he adapted very quickly to our children's home. He teaches paper cutting, at which he is very good, to his god brothers and sisters . Though he loves to be silent, he is also very serious about his studies and he spends most of the time with books and course exercises. He is currently studying in class 11.


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